Young Audiences for Learning ‘Dance to Learn’ Comes to Silver Bay Elementary as part of the ARTS LAB program!

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We spent the morning at Silver Bay Elementary with some pretty cool second graders, their teachers and Laura Marchese, a dancer and teaching artist working with arts organizations and schools throughout New Jersey. Laura was leading a program called, Dance to Learn, an inclusive dance curriculum with the goal to advance dance education in schools and community settings. Students are encouraged to explore, be creative and improvise while they learn.

Today, through dance, the students learned about low, medium and high levels, space, communicating, traveling, creating and improvising just to name a few. They inspired, helped and cheered for each other as they danced, skipped and jumped across the room. The students smiled, laughed and were engaged and excited to tackle each challenge Ms. Marchese gave them. They were even happy to explain why they chose the movements they did and what they could do differently next time.

Students are learning concepts through dance, movement and having fun. They are able to connect kinesthetic learning and concepts to various subjects like language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, physical education and music curriculums.

Dance to Learn was brought to Silver Bay Elementary as part of our partnership with Young Audiences Arts for Learning. Read more about the YA ARTS LAB program at Silver Bay and the impact it’s making on our elementary school students.

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