Why I Love New Year’s Resolutions

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by: Kelly Fliller

Most of the time, when you hear someone talk about their New Year’s resolution, it revolves around health or money – lose weight, eat better, workout more, make more money, etc. And according to Across America Patch, these are (unsurprisingly) pretty much the top resolutions of 2018. The Patch reported that only 32% of people polled by YouGov said they were not making any New Year’s resolutions in 2018.  For the rest of the population, the top four resolutions for the new year are:

  1. Eating better
  2. Exercising more
  3. Spending less money
  4. Better self-care

Check out more of the most popular resolutions here.

While New Year’s resolutions are usually laughed off as something that fails after a couple of weeks (check out the gym the first two weeks of January vs. the first two weeks of February), I actually love them. For me, it’s a time to renew goals or set my sights on doing something totally different from my norm. While goals or small changes in your daily routine can be planned and done at any time of the year, there’s something about the beginning of a new year that makes it more exciting. Motivation is at an all-time high after that bright, sparkling ball drops. Finding a way to keep that going all year is where the challenge lies!

Four of my top resolutions for the upcoming year are very simple, yet I find myself not taking the time to incorporate them in my life. When I reflect back on the year that is coming to a close, I start thinking about these everyday mini-goals and I’m ready to make them happen. Here are some of the things I hope to do more of (or LESS of) in 2018 and hopefully every year beyond that.

  1. Less time on the phone/computer – We are in the era of technology addiction and I have been trying to make this change for a while. When it’s time to wind down for the day, I find that I’ve spent all of that time checking social media, emails or texts. I plan to set a goal of 15 or 20 minutes at the end of my day to catch up with the world, then put the phone down and enjoy relaxation and family time.
  2. Relax more/meditate – It can be so hard to find quiet time, especially with the above-mentioned technology interference. There is always something to keep our brains overstimulated and constantly spinning. With so many great meditation apps, some of which I already have, my goal is to use them even if it’s 10 minutes before bed. (For the record – this is one of my approved uses of technology!)
  3. Stay organized – It’s easy to wreck your desk with clutter or come home and throw the mail, receipts, or whatever you can find in your pockets in a pile on the counter. But it’s easier if you keep things organized as you go, rather than deal with a big mess at once. Disorganization is proven to increase stress and I can certainly back up that claim. When things are neat and tidy, I feel a lot better in general.
  4. Let it go – This might be the most important one for me. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hangs on to stress for too long. A big goal for me in the new year and beyond is to let it go. Take the situation, allow yourself to feel the emotions for a short time, figure out what you can control and do it – then LET IT GO! I think Elsa may be on to something…

So, are you part of the 32% that doesn’t have a resolution for 2018 or do you have some personal goals you’d like to achieve? There’s no better time than NOW to make it happen!

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” – Melody Beattie

Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and successful 2018!

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