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Stage 1 of Voting is Complete!


The Winner

Toms River High School North Nautical Star Theatre Company won the Engage Toms River Fire Company No. 1 Halloween Parade Competition with their 3D TRopoly Board.

Now it is the community’s turn to vote again…!  What people and places should be included?


1.  Charitable Organization: This can be a charity that is local to Toms River or is national or even international. The only requirement is that they have an office or facility in Toms River. You cannot nominate the YMCA or The Grunin Foundation as they already have spots on the board.
2.  Community Leader: This is a person who demonstrate leadership in our community. They need to show extraordinary dedication and outstanding citizenship.
3.  Local Business or Group that Furthers the Arts: Examples would be acting studios, dance studios, music studios, art galleries, art studios, pottery studios, martial arts, local theatre companies, etc. You cannot nominate The Grunin Foundation as they already have spots on the board.
4.  Inspiring Teacher: The teacher must teach in one of the elementary, middle, or high schools in Toms River. This is a superb teacher, someone who motivates and inspires on an everyday basis. A teacher who genuinely cares about the welfare of their students.
5.  Favorite Restaurant: This cannot be a chain restaurant. It must have a Toms River address. This can be a restaurant, diner, eatery, coffee house, etc.
6.  Favorite Things to Do in Toms River: Examples spas, girls or guys day out, fun weekend trips, places to go out with friends, educational museums/ facilities, local clubs, etc.
7.  Favorite Local Business: This cannot be a chain business. It must have a Toms River address.
8.  Best Toms River Event: This must be an event that is hosted in Toms River. Usually Toms River events are hosted in Huddy Park, in downtown Toms River, or in our beautiful parks. Often times they include food, games, entertainment, and music.
9.  Best Specialty Food Shop: This cannot be a chain specialty shop. It must have a Toms River address. It can be a store for a specialty food like cupcakes, donuts, candy, ice cream, ethnic food store, etc. It could even be a mobilized or immobilized food truck.

Round 1 – Nominations

The community can nominate their favorite Toms River people and places.

Once the nomination round closes, TRHSN Nautical Stars Theatre Company will tally the nominations. Then open voting will begin.

Round 2 – Open Voting

The voting will be multiple choice based solely on the votes received during the nomination round. There can only be one vote per email address.

Round 1:  Wednesday, September 30 until Tuesday, October 6 at 8 pm.

The nominations will be tallied and the final list for voting will be released on Thursday, October 8.

Round 2:  Voting will continue until Sunday, October 11 at 8 pm.

Winners will be announced on on Monday, October 12.

Only one vote per email address. If a vote is tallied more than once from the same email address, all of the votes from that email will be deleted.

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