Toms River High School East’s Weatherhawk

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This week, we are featuring Weatherhawk.  This is Toms River High School East’s program that was funded through the Elevate Toms River Principals’ Innovation Challenge!

By: Pat Thomas
Toms River High School East
Michael Konopka
Earth Science/Atmospheric Science Teacher
Toms River High School East

The new Weatherhawk weather station has been hooked up and has already been a very beneficial resource in class. We are just beginning to understand the amount of data output from this station. Once we do, the students will be able to analyze the present state of the atmosphere here at HS East. More importantly, they will be able to understand why certain weather events occur, and predict the weather based on the present state.

The students have already seen the benefit of having a state of the art weather station here at HS East. After the last nor’easter, the students analyzed the wind gusts, wind direction, rainfall rate, and total rainfall amounts from the storm. They were able to conclude the path of the storm based on the surface wind direction and analyze the timing of the strongest rainfall rates in relationship to the storm’s path. The students were also able to calculate the total amount of snowfall we would have received if the temperatures were below freezing, as they have been during other nor’easters.

It has also led to the development of an “Introduction to Atmospheric Science” course that will be implemented in the new STEAM Academy next year. I have already designed a curriculum outline, and will be completing the curriculum this summer. The weather station will play an integral part in this class.

The weather station has been a great benefit in class so far, and I have no doubt that it will only add not only to data analyzation techniques and organizational skills, but to students overall interest in the field of science.

To get a sneak peak of all projects, click here!

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