Robotics Have Rocked Silver Bay Elementary!

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This week, we are featuring The Tech Ambassadors.  This is Silver Bay Elementary‘s program that was funded through the Elevate Toms River Principals’ Innovation Challenge!


Students and staff have embraced the new innovative materials. We have created Tech Ambassadors, 5th grade students, who give up their recess periods to explore and create activities for the Sphero robots. Right now our Tech Ambassadors are going from class to class to demonstrate “their” robot’s capabilities. Students and teachers are voting for the robot they liked the best and citing evidence why.

Over 600 students and family members attended our S.T.E.A.M. night. The Tech Ambassadors showcased the innovative tools we acquired this year. The gym had Ozobot, Claymation, Ollie, BB-8, Spark and Makey-Makey stations for parents and students to explore. S.T.E.A.M. projects were set up through the school by grade level. We also invited the High School East Robotic Club who has agreed to partner with our school to deepen the engagement of the students. It was an evening of creativity, collaboration and communication. The students were also given the opportunity to bring in any device they purchased to exhibit. We were amazed at how many students are taking ownership of their learning outside of school.

To get a sneak peak of all projects, click here!

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