Ocean Academy

Scott Corbett

Principal of Ocean Academy, has extensive experience in special and regular education and is NCBL Highly Qualified in Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts Literacy and has been a certified school administrator since 2003.

Sudha Allitt

Co-Founder and Primary Teacher of Kula Kamala Foundation. In addition to her skill and education in Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Sudha holds a PhD in Anthropology and has held the position of Professor of Yoga and Meditation at Georgian Court University.


Scott Corbett realized students at Ocean Academy have difficulties in maintaining the discipline necessary to thrive in class, at home and with friends. The Foundation had recently met with Sudha Allitt, co-founder of Kula Kamala Yoga and realized this would be a great partnership. After an introduction, Ocean Academy and Kula Kamala Yoga worked together to develop a wellness program to actively teach their students the philosophy and techniques of yoga in daily practice.

We funded the initial trial with additional guidance on creating the quantitative and qualitative tracking necessary to prove it was a model that could yield results in the classroom and at home.


As a result of implementing the yoga program, Ocean Academy had the most successful round of graduations, job placements and grades in the school’s history. In addition, the Parental Stress Index which shows the stress level in the affected parents, plummeted.  Ocean Mental Health has put the program into its annual budget, thus making it self-sustaining in one year.


We have kept in close contact with both leaders and have given a $40K grant to Kula Kamala to pursue its further studies, resulting in graduating students from their Ashram coming to Toms River to provide free yoga therapy to participating organizations.

Scott Corbett is now pursuing creative teaching and real-time personal behavior analysis with immediate, tangible results.  Scott is also key participant and leader in the Count Basie Collective Impact pilot for creative teaching.

For more information about Ocean Academy, visit oceanmhs.org/ocean-academy-nj. For more information about Kula Kumala Foundation, visit kulakamalafoundation.org.