Ocean Academy has a knack for the arts!

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by: Kelly Fliller

Ocean Academy is a small therapeutic school that offers educational services to students that need a more structured, nurturing environment to reach their academic and social goals. Their mission is to foster a collaborative environment that is safe, calming, nurturing, and educational, where students develop active and creative minds.

I had the awesome opportunity to visit during Arts in Education week. My day started with Ms. Catalano, English and social studies teacher. She took me to her classroom and showed me how art was being used to teach a history lesson. Ms. Catalano co-teaches this class with Mr. Hayden, who is an art teacher. Their students are creating a large-scale painting, practicing depth of field, of a timeline of human history spanning from the Stone Age to present day.

Mr. Hayden is involved in the lessons of several classes across all subjects. He is working with the students in Mr. Goldberg’s screenplay class to build a set, make props and write screenplays based on scenes from the 1979 sci-fi classic, Aliens. In Ms. Wardell’s biology class, Mr. Hayden is teaching the students how to apply metric conversions to build balsa wood scale models.

In Mr. Hayden’s senior class, students are designing and creating their own surfboards, using real materials and processes that professional board shapers use. And in his general art class, students are creating found object dioramas based on their newly acquired Chameleon.  Art is everywhere at Ocean Academy and it was so interesting to see it in action. Students were engaged and excited to learn. They brought their ideas to the table and let their creativity come alive.

All of this is done under the leadership of Scott Corbett, Principal of Ocean Academy. Mr. Corbett is seen around the hallways and in the classrooms daily. He inspires and motivates his teachers and students which is evident by the high fives, smiles and positivity all around the school.

I’m looking forward to going back to see how some of these art projects progress. More to come from Ocean Academy!

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