Monday Morning Meet Your Leaders – Laurie Goganzer

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Laurie Goganzer
President & CEO

  1. What is one of the most important qualities of a great leader?

There are so many qualities that define great leadership – bold vision, strong character and ethics, great communication skills. I believe the most important characteristics of effective leadership are the ability to influence and inspire others. When you love what you do, your passion shines and motivates people to follow you.

  1. How does your organization take our community to the next level?

The Community YMCA is dedicated to strengthening our community. We have a fundamental desire to provide opportunities for every family to build stronger bonds, achieve greater work/life balance and become more engaged with their communities. We are a place where families can deepen relationships, develop new skills and interests, improve their health and well-being, and connect to the community.

  1. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Spending time with my family is the BEST time. My wife Amy and I have a 6-year-old son, AJ, and two dogs, Vida and Chloe. We love time together on the beach and visiting fun places. I personally enjoy hiking, biking, surfing and paddle boarding. Our family is always on the go.

  1. What is your favorite food/recipe and why?

I am completely devoted to pizza, preferably pepperoni and mushrooms, and definitely no garlic (I am allergic). Pizza is universally loved and what’s a better way to end the week than with Friday night pizza?

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