Jeremy reads to the OCYMCA summer campers!

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We had the opportunity to visit the Ocean County YMCA Summer Camp this week, which includes a Summer Literacy Program funded by Women United of the United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

The OCYMCA transformed one of their meeting rooms into a reading wonderland for the kids! There were books galore, bean bag chairs, iPads, tables, everything the kids needed to read, practice vocabulary and spelling AND have fun in the process.

Jeremy was a guest reader and started by choosing five books and asking the kids for a round of applause to vote for which book he would read. They picked The Polar Express which was both exciting and ironic on a 90-degree summer day in August. It was also pretty funny because it was the longest book with the smallest writing of all the choices and Jeremy had to read it upside down!

The kids were so engaged as Jeremy read, pausing to asking him questions and share their own stories with him, relating to the book. It’s safe to say that Jeremy had just as much fun as the kids!

This is an incredible program and extremely important to help prevent the summer slide, which is when children who don’t have access to books during the summer fall behind their peers. Each year the gap widens, it becomes harder to catch up and by fourth grade, they never will. The teachers and camp counselors of the Summer Literacy Program at the OCYMA are working very hard to prevent the summer slide and keep kids learning and having fun!

Photos taken by Kaarina Romero of United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
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