Grant Process

The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation is a proactive grantmaker.

We identify organizations to implement projects designed to help the Foundation attain its various programmatic goals.  Our aim is to invest in innovative projects that have measurable impact and create meaningful, transformative change by addressing the root causes of shortcomings in three sectors: education, healthcare and the arts.

Our approach to grantmaking means nearly all of the organizations we fund are identified and contacted by the Foundation’s staff.  Intensive and collaborative planning between the Foundation and the institutions it has identified generally precedes the awarding of grants and is an integral step in our grantmaking.

Our Approach

The Foundation is a proactive grant maker heavily active in the Central Jersey Shore, and is committed to identifying leaders and teams who it feels can bring their organizations to the next level, and beyond.


believe a CEO’s best use of time is working to enhance his or her mission, not filling out paperwork. We are proudly a no-grant application foundation (if you are out there doing important work in an efficient manner, we will find you).

believe free, open, and transparent conversations based on mutual honesty and respect, coupled with far-reaching collaboration is the only way to make a significant and positive impact.

approach each organization as a potential partner, listening, learning, rolling up our sleeves, and working to improve each non-profit’s outcomes. With all significant partnerships, we take an active role to give additional, external and independent help when the CEO and Board agree it is necessary.

While our approach is unconventional – it takes a lot of energy, time and resources but we feel this approach drives more impactful outcomes.

We invest in the following criteria:

  • The People

    We look at the Executive Director, their team, and the Board. We are looking at who is with you to ensure you succeed. What is their ethical fiber, experience, and commitment level? Do they strive for constant improvement and have an eagerness to share that learning with others?

  • The Idea

    We are concerned with finding the root cause to our community’s needs in healthcare, education, and the arts. We want to know how your organization believes it can address these needs. How does your idea compare to other interventions in terms of its cost, scalability, and social impact? Can the idea be replicated? What capacity changes are necessary to ensure success?

  • The Impact

    We want to know what success looks like to you, and how the organization knows it’s being achieved. What are the implications of achieving success? As a funder willing to take risks, we also have an appreciation for things that cannot yet be measured, but hold the promise of great impact. We will however work together to ensure we agree to what the measureable outcomes should be.

  • The Check-In

    In the structuring of a grant, we allow the grantee (partner) to tell us how we should hold them accountable. We plan quarterly, zero-paper check-ins regarding their progress and their challenges. We also look for ways to help them be successful. Our role is to serve our partners, so we try to work on their timetable and give them the biggest return on time invested.

  • The Promise

    Throughout our partnership, we are involved at the level to which we can be useful. If a partner can benefit from our involvement, we will roll up our sleeves. If you know how to achieve what you want to achieve – we’ll support you all the way. As a funder, we believe we should know when to “lead, follow, or get out of the way!”

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