Heather’s Week in Review – Non-Profits of the Central Jersey Shore

Hi, everyone!  Heather here from the Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation.  Resilient, creative, encouraging, cooperative, committed, courageous, determined, grateful, imaginative, and responsive are [...]


Five tips for staying stress-free during the holidays

by Kelly Fliller The holiday season is a wonderful time of year – a time for giving to others, being with loved ones and family traditions. While this time of year brings happiness and joy, [...]


United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties Receives $1 Million Challenge Grant from Grunin Foundation

On November 2, 2017, the United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties along with our Foundation, officially announced a $1 Million Challenge grant. Read the exciting news, as written by Kaarina [...]


Artistic Ways to Relieve Stress

by: Kelly Fliller We all know the usual go-to stress relief techniques – yoga, meditation, deep breathing. These are great ways to feel more relaxed and centered. But did you know that creating [...]


Tips for a healthy (and fun) summer

by: Kelly Fliller Summer is in full swing and these are some of the most enjoyable and active months of the year. The days last longer but seem to go faster while we fill as much time as we can [...]


What Does Being Healthy Really Mean?

by: Kelly Fliller We hear the word health all the time.  There always seems to be a new health craze on the market promising to help us lose weight, make us look younger, feel better, more energy [...]


Why Collaboration is so Important

by: Kelly Fliller I recently had the opportunity of being in a room with nearly 40 leaders from all different industries and organizations, coming together to discuss ways in which we can make [...]


Inspiration Boutique Receives Donation

Local High School Students Make Donation to Inspiration Boutique Reposted with permission from Community Medical Center. For people undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or other forms of treatment [...]


Health is More Than Just a New Year’s Resolution!

How will you be your healthiest self in 2017 and beyond? A new year is right around the corner and now is the time when many of us create the fun and sometimes daunting list of resolutions. There [...]


Giving the state of New Jersey an advantage over cancer

The American Cancer Society’s mission was prominently featured in a 4-page advertising section in today’s NJ BIZ magazine, which is read by 56,000 subscribers, featured on their web site, and [...]

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