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Quick points from the Arts Ed Summit 2015 opening.

1.3 million students in NJ have access to arts opportunities.

NJ is a model for Arts Education for the United States.  97% of all students have access to one ore more art disciplines in their school.  88% have music and visual.  97% schools implements art standards.

“We in NJ need to move from access to participation in arts education.” Bob Morrison, Chairman NJ Arts Education Partnership

Senator Kean is working towards parity of budgets for the arts in education.

Governor Kean ran for Governor on funding for the arts, because he believed “for every dollar you spend on the arts, you get four.”  “I believe NJ citizens should not have to go to NY.”  “I believed it would attract jobs, that people want arts around them.”

Under Kean’s direction, $5 million budget to $25 million budget in the arts budget.

Govenor Kean was appointed to the Highway Authority by Governor Brendan Byrne.  Classics were losing money at the Garden State Arts Center so they were going to kill cultural events.  Since Kean was an opera nerd (my term not his), he knew of an up and coming opera singer, Luciano Pavarotti, before he ever sang the Met. Pavarotti sold out–the concert beat even Sinatra.  GREAT STORY.

“There is power in the arts and power in arts education.” Gov. Kean

Degas “Art may be a luxury for you, but to me it is a necessity.”

Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably will not themselves be realized.” Daniel Burnham

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UPDATE 9/29/2015

Link to NJ Spotlight’s coverage of the event.


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