Art and Economic Development: Toms River Community Mural Makes the List!

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Remember our 2015 Engage Toms River Community Mural Project? There’s no way you can forgot! The gorgeous, larger-than-life mural was designed by Elizabeth Paseler, winner of the $10,000 Engage Toms River challenge. Her creation was constructed on the wall of 207 Main Street, at the entrance into Downtown Toms River. Read more about this project, which turned into a beautiful collaboration of community residents, businesses, organizations and policy makers.

The drive for this and other similar projects is Creative Placemaking. Creative Placemaking leverages the arts and culture to drive growth and transformation that ignites economic development in a community, bringing together partners from the public and private sectors. When you create more exhibits like murals, you increase tourism. Visitors will see something else that strikes their interest and remember it next time they’re looking for a place to take a day trip. When folks come to see the mural, they will notice the local businesses, stop and get something to eat at a nearby restaurant or attend an event happening in the community. All of this ignites economic growth.

Check out Michael Diamond’s story in the Asbury Park Press, It’s not graffiti. It’s money for NJ towns in the Instagram ageYou will see the 2015 Engage Toms River Community Mural Project on the list!

And check out our other creative placemaking projects:

We are confident that these efforts will continue to enrich the lives of the Central Jersey Shore’s visitors, current citizens and those that in the not too distant future, will call this their home. 


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