The People:

In January 2015, the extremely dedicated Board and Staff at the Ocean County YMCA were tasked with finding a new CEO to lead the organization.  They came to the Foundation to ask that it use its experience to take the lead in the search process.  Tara Cunningham, the Foundation’s Director of Strategy, was tasked to take a lead role. The result is Peter Rosario, who began his work as CEO in July 2015.

The Idea:

Pete quickly proved himself to the Board, their members, the community and to our Foundation.  Board Chair Jonathan Petro and Peter set out a strategic plan to upgrade their physical plant.  We believed this team was the right team to create a YMCA that would become the health and wellness hub for Toms River and Ocean County.  The Foundation offered a $125K Challenge Grant in December 2015 and by June 2016, Pete and new Board Chair Jared Rhine reported that he and his team had raised $140K!

The Impact:

Today, the Ocean County YMCA has an inviting welcome center, upgraded locker rooms, new floors, and a uniformed and proud staff.  Pete Rosario was also elected as the Co-Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation endowed Toms River Family Health and Support Coalition.  In less than a year he has brought the YMCA to the table as a key leader in the community and in New Jersey.

The Check In:  

Laura Grunin is an active member on the Board of Directors of the Ocean County YMCA.  In addition, Peter and his team have informal, yet regular check in meetings in order to keep our Foundation abreast of the changes they are making and the plans they have for larger community engagement.

The Promise:

The YMCA of Ocean County is now poised to become the health and wellness hub for Toms River and Ocean County.  The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation will continue to work diligently with its team to achieve that goal.