The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation

A proactive grant making 501(c)(3) working to make Toms River the regional template for quality of life and strong economic health through root-cause focused investment in healthcare, education and the arts.

Since 2013, over $15 million has been committed to the community.  We are only just getting started!

The Foundation will accomplish its mission through three signature programs:

Our promise to the arts

The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation is a huge supporter of the arts.  It is true, we personally love the arts, but research shows us that arts and culture plays a major role in improving a community’s competitive edge.

“We believe investment in Engage Toms River, creative placemaking, the High School Performing Arts Academy, The Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts and the Performing Arts Center is the catalyst to create a better standard of living in the Toms River area.  The Arts will encourage creative thinking, elevate our community’s self-worth, and attract new families to visit or relocate.  This in turn will drive new retail, unique restaurants and other exciting economic growth opportunities.”

Our Commitment to Education

The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation will work closely with the OCVTS and local Chambers of Commerce to understand skills gaps and influence curriculum to address those gaps to ensure we provide the right mix of skills for the labor market; reform career guidance to delivery effective advice for all; ensure teachers and trainers are well-prepared with industry experience; make full use of workplace learning; develop tools to engage stakeholders and promote transparency.

The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation will proactively engage with our political leaders with the goal to making Ocean County a national leader in vocational training and employment.  We believe investment in vocational training and community college education, engagement with businesses to address the skills gap, and giving tax incentives to businesses willing to invest in their community’s youth will transform the community.

“Intensify the spotlight and increase the overall perception of the Vocational Technical Schools and Ocean County College to ensure every student finds their own path from education to career.”


Our Support In Healthcare

There is great focus by The Foundation to position Toms River and Ocean County as a top destination for young families to relocate.  Therefore, improving the reputation, patient experiences, profitability and prestige of Toms River’s Community Medical Center is a key issue for the Foundation.

Three years ago, Linda Grunin suffered a severe head injury after slipping in the bathroom at home in the middle of the night. Jay Grunin said, “We ultimately ended up at a hospital in North Jersey that specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of these types of injuries. While Linda is doing great now, it occurred to us that we needed to have the same level of care and attention locally.”

“The barometer of a community is the prestige of its healthcare system.  The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation will endeavor to help Community Medical Center become the Regional Destination for identified niche services, with the addition of the Jay and Linda Grunin Neuroscience Institute at Community Medical Center and the Inspiration Boutique in order to help the hospital increase high caliber acquisition, retention and wellness in our community.”

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