Our Mission

To find solutions to root cause shortcomings in healthcare, arts and education, an intensive and collaborative planning process will occur between the Foundation and the organizations it has identified.   Impact Toms River Partners have what it takes to create the maximum social impact and greatest outcomes for our community.

How we will work with our Impact Toms River Partners

Organizational Development and Sustainability

The Foundation believes and is committed to addressing organizational capacity by analyzing and funding capacity building to ensure the non-profit has the talent to create the largest social impact.  We know there are few quick fixes when it comes to building capacity—and when one area improves, many times, this places demand on another area, triggering new capacity needs.

Impact Toms River Partners Will Receive

  1. Free Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) and evaluation
  2. Based on the outcomes of the CCAT, a capacity building plan will be put in place.This may include operational funding to help program and fundraising sustainability.
  3. Development of a learning agenda – what the organization wants to learn over the year.  e.g. Why / How do we get volunteers? How long do our volunteers stay? Why do they leave? Etc.

Financial Support

  1. We encourage fundraising through grant-matching or a challenge grant requirement.  We want to see your organization gain capacity to sustain your new programs.
  2. Partners are required to secure matching funds equaling at minimum 20% of their grant amount.
  3. All organizations are required to maintain 75% board participation in fundraising activities.


  • Quarterly half-full day workshops and / or networking events addressing overall capacity issues affecting all Impact Toms River Partners.  (depends on CCAT outcomes)
  • Management Training to improve management practices and to reach broader audiences.
  • Applying Outcome-Driven Metrics to decide upon organization-specific milestones relating to organizational capacity (e.g. broaden donor base, focus on board development, improve technology, create partnerships) and / or audience diversification.)

Performance and Measurement

We believe evaluation is for learning, not judging!  We also believe evaluation is a two-way street.  We want an open, honest and transparent conversation about what we can do better to help your social impact.

  • The Foundation will officially confirm our portfolio-level targets for financial and program performance and where your organization fits.
  • Together, we will set clear, measurable outcomes for your portfolio.
  • The Foundation will meet quarterly with the Executive Director and Board Chair to help partners increase their impact by revisiting and addressing some challenges around its strategy, approach to managing risk, financial and non-financial investments.
  • We want you to be able to make changes as you go—not stay on the wrong path just because you want to achieve our original discussed outcomes!
  • At the end of the year, Impact Toms River Partners will engage in an open and honest round table to discuss where the Foundation could have worked better, along with workable solution suggestions.


The Foundation will be making a significant investment in each organization.  In order to maximize our social investment, we will be offering suggestions for improving your organization’s leadership abilities.

In order to strengthen the larger community, we would like to see our Impact leaders share their knowledge with the greater Toms River non-profit community.  We’d ask our Impact Toms River Partner’s participation in the mentorship of an Elevate Partner or United Way of Ocean County Partner Organization.