The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation uses philanthropy to increase citizen activity and economic development opportunities through the arts, healthcare and education. The Foundation is a proactive grant maker heavily active in the communities it has targeted to make an impact in, and is committed to identifying leaders and teams who it feels can bring their organizations to the next level, and beyond. Since 2013, it has invested over $15 million in the community, with an additional $15 million committed.

Critical Inputs to Lead to the Achievement of our Vision

  1. Assess and build core capacities to enhance operational effectiveness in Toms River’s non-profit sector.
  2. Use The Foundation’s and Partner’s knowledge, experience and influence to increase the “size of the pie” and share research and learnings with the greater community.
  3. Creation of three signature programs of support.

Engage Toms River’s focus is to give a platform to and support local artists through multiple programs each year, where the minimum grand prize will be $10,000.  The Foundation’s impact goal is to give every member of our community an opportunity to engage with all form of the arts.

Elevate Toms River operates through the United Way of Ocean County (UWOC).  The Foundation funds UWOC to run executive development programs to elevate the non-profit sector’s knowledge base, increase opportunities for collaboration and cross pollination of ideas.  Every February, the Executive Team and Board of the UWOC will nominate candidates who have attended and fully participated in the Elevate Program for potential inclusion into the Impact Toms River Program.  Only Elevate Toms River participants are eligible for Impact Toms River funding.

Impact Toms River allows the Foundation to directly contact organizations through the Elevate Toms River Program.  These organizations have the potential to grow their social impact with sustained and strategic help and support from the Foundation.  The process is truly collaborative with an intense pre-engagement discussion, followed by capacity review, and then a discussion about the greater impact the organization wants to achieve.  We will help the organization achieve their greater impact with the financial support necessary to grow its team and vision.

We do not fund unsolicited proposals.  Rather, we support organizations who are actively involved in the Elevate Toms River program.