Projects to Promote Education

The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation understands that there are many paths from education to employment and we strive to empower every student to choose his or her own path.  We are here to support our partners to ensure that every student can make the right decision for their future.

Every investment we make in the education space is with the purpose to encourage every student’s ability to think creatively and to empower teachers to provide innovative curriculum.

Selected education partners include:

  • New York University School of Law
  • Ocean Academy
  • Ocean County Vocational and Technical School
  • Principals’ Innovation Challenge
  • Count Basie Theatre Collective Impact for Arts Rich Schools
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ocean County
  • Arts Ed Now! Campaign

Facts which substantiates and inspires our continued investment in education

Research shows regions with robust levels of educational attainment have stronger economies, greater individual earning power & better quality of life.

The USA is the only developed nation that depends on secondary education as the exclusive set for transition from school to employment.

Only 30% of young adults graduate from a four year university in the United States, yet the USA puts a priority on getting every student a bachelors or higher.

Over the next 10 years, 47 million jobs will be created, yet only 1/3 will require bachelor’s degrees or higher; 1/3 will require an associate’s degree.

Where the US once led the world in secondary education, this strategy has left the US lagging behind.

Successful Vocational Training countries give significant tax breaks to employers to incentivize the programs.

Studies have shown, failure to get a post-secondary degree reduces a person’s ability to get out of poverty.

Successful countries put a strong emphasis on career counselling for students; America’s weakest link.

Our Recent Education Projects